About Us

First Click Content

Our Story

From beginning as a SEO auditing agency, First Click Content has expanded to become a Specialist in Content Marketing and SEO.

From modest roots we have grown into a boutique agency focused on developing end to end content solutions, worthy of your first click.

We are not just striving to impress clients and achieve results, we are also focused on being a benchmark in industry and refuse to be satisfied with anything less.

Our Values

Personal Touch – We strive to provide a personalised touch to every relationship, something that’s often lacking in the digital age.

  • Transparency – We believe every client should have full visibility, ensuring they understand how their solution is being developed and delivered.
  • Quality – Publishing mediocre content is worse than not publishing content at all. That’s why we only create world-class content for your brand.
  • Simplicity – There’s no need for complication. We keep things simple and direct to limit confusion and maximise value.
  • Data-Based Decisions – The devil is in the data. We’re experts at helping you use data to make better decisions with your marketing efforts.

Why We’re Different

  • Writers – we only work with industry specialised writers, so you can be confident that your content is being created by experts.
  • Designers – just like our writers, our team of graphic designers specialise in infographics.
  • Strategy – we believe in providing data driven strategy which is backed by user intent keyword research.
  • SEO – as search specialists, we take pride in delivering SEO optimised content each and every time.
  • Rounds of Amends – unlimited rounds of amends, not that you’ll need it.
  • Our Goal – delivering content worthy of your customer’s first click.

Global Creativity & Connection

We are a truly digital agency meaning we are able to connect with clients anywhere anytime. We are closely connected with each and everyone one of our clients and employ the most talented and creative team in the industry to service your needs.

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