Creating content can be hard work and time consuming. Let our team do the heavy lifting

Data Driven Content

Using data to drive your content strategy provides a platform to not only optimise existing indexed content, but also guide new content strategy and creation. In doing so we can then track and measure results of existing optimised content and new content via online traffic, leads, conversions, and other key metrics.

To begin with, it is critical all business websites have an SEO foundation when creating any type of content, be it an article, a landing page, an infographic or a simple blog post. Why? Because the words you approve to be publish on your site are what google can crawl over to determine your sites relevance and organic rank. I guess you could say, “SEO optimised content is king”.

One thing we know is that every client has different business objectives, needs and goals. For this reason, we’re able to create bespoke multi­-channel content creation packages designed to address your needs, whilst ensuring the areas detailed above are addressed.

We have established processes for creating all of the following types of editorial content, and we’ll work with you to find the right mix:

  • Articles
  • Quality Blog Posts
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Landing Pages
  • Free Guides
  • Interviews

Copywriting Services

Our team comprises of industry specialist writers and storytellers from Australia and the U.S.

Our writers are all trained to use digital tools designed to support them delivering unique, inform and valuable content. This is important as SEO optimised copywriting attracts more clicks, higher rank and more conversations through your businesses sales funnel.

So whether you’re after copy for a new webpage, blog post, infographic, lead generation email or other types of digital sales collateral, we can help.

Blog Writing Services

Our team of specialist writers, are highly skilled in art of blog posts.

They understand how to use data and leading content marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, Searchmetrics, Moz and MarketMuse, to better understand your audience and create content designed to rank and attract your audience.

Our end goal, deliver blog content with no fluff or filler. Just SEO optimised, data driven content designed to attract customers’ first click

Infographic Design Services

Humans are visual creatures and some prefer absorbing their content via illustrations and graphics, or as we call them, infographics.

For this reasons it is important to understand your audience so you’re selecting the correct content type for them.

So if your audience is the visual type, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our team of designers can create custom illustrations, branded infographics and creative UX designs. Taking this extra creative visual step will help propel your brand ahead of competitors who are still relying on stock imagery.

In addition to personalised branding, we can also create professionally designed eBooks, case studies, sales sheets, executive reports and more. We’ve got the vision and visuals to bring your brand to life and deliver more first clicks

White Paper Marketing Services

Long-form, data-rich content pieces like white papers are great resources for attracting what we call high-intent readers.

Our team are equipped to help create such assets for you. We do this by conduct industry interviews and compile relevant research required to create copy which will position your business as the industry thought leader you know you are.

White papers are also great online lead generation tools. Our team uses software which allow us to embed your downloadable assets into other content, thus expanding its distribution and reach.

Our end goals, supporting the contents promotion to your target audience, positioning you as an industry thought leader and finally capturing as many leads as possible.

Creating Integrated Content Campaigns

Good content will only gets you so far. This is why we advocate for client to employ fully integrated content campaigns, also know as an end to end solution. These campaigns are specially designed to include a diverse mix of asset types, because as they say, variety is the spice of life…and content.

Our team at First Click work together to create and curate your content every step of the way. This is important to maintaining your brands integrity, keeping your audience top of mind and ensuring each content piece is supporting your overall content marketing strategy.

This campaign solution takes a holistic view from start to finish with a strong focus on setting up the right foundations via a SEO check up and content strategy. It then moves towards content creation and syndication before concluding with content promotion and all important reporting.

If you want to discuss this solution further, then, let’s talk

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