Our holistic strategies are wide-reaching, helping you boost your content reach when it matters most

We Map Your Content to Your Customer’s Journey

In today’s highly digitalised competitive world, creating good content isn’t enough. You need to support content with a promotional strategy designed to help amplify your message and extent your contents reach.

Our content promotion tactics are designed to not only get your content seen online by more of your target audience, but be seen at the right moment when they’re ready to convert.

Capitalising on those moments is critical, which is why we utilise digital amplification tools to ensure you have a holistic plan for leading your prospects along their journey to becoming customers.

Content Syndication

One of the first ports of call after creating your content, is syndicating it to third-party websites that we’ve identified as suitable syndication partners.

This form of promotion drives traffic to your website, reaching a wider audience, in turn leading to conversions as well as increased brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing

This tactic is not new, however is often executed poorly. An influencer is often associated with someone who has a large social following. Whereas we see influencers who can change the thinking or behaviour of their audiences.

For our clients we focus on working with influencers who can provide the right reach, contextual credibility and salesmanship required for your business, industry and target customers. This promotional tactic can be a cost effective solution when compared to other traditional forms of marketing.

At First Click Content, should this tactic prove suitable to your goals, we then build relationships with key people or publications in your industry to produce and promote your brand and content.

Social Media Management

Most people are aware of social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. However in business, understanding the power of these platforms, and utilising them to engage, reach and learn about your customers is vital.

At First Click Content, we start by understanding what part social media currently plays for your business and customers. We do this to ensure the two line-up. Failure to understand both and align your social media focus to your customers, mean that your content won’t have near the success it could.

Our Social media management team start by preparing a researched and thoughtful social strategy designed to reach and engage your target audience on the channels they use. We then managing your online interactions and content across your channels, monitor social listening so as to understand how your brand and content is being received, alll whilst continually look for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility.

Paid Social

The social media space has grown substantially in recent years, developing and enhancing content promotional products which match content to behavioural customer insights. This means paid on social as a tactic can deliver highly personalised ad campaigns designed to you better to your audience for higher potential revenue.

Our team of experts understand the power of these platform intimately, so know how to design the most cost effective and targeted campaigns required to achieve your business goals

Digital PR

We combine traditional public relations efforts with your content marketing efforts by creating and distributing content to larger digital audiences

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