Content Marketing Strategy

Successful Content is the Product of a Robust and Thoughtful Strategy

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

‘Content is King’ is nothing new, but in this highly digitalised world, what does it mean to you and your business?

As a minimum, useful content helps drive traffic to your website, it helps build your brand, and grow your business, but the difference between ticking the box content and truly valuable engaging content is one derived from a strategy backed by data and research.

Using data and keyword research as the basis of strategy is why our process is different. This combined with a thoughtful ideation process, enables us to deliver clients holistic content marketing strategies designed to support your organisation’s overall business objectives and help you reach your online audience more effectively.

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What Do We Offer

Weather you’re after an end to end solution, or just keyword research, we can help.

Whatever the solution you’re after, we always start with our 4 W’s;

  • understanding WHY you’re publishing content;
  • understanding WHAT your business objectives are;
  • understanding WHAT success means to you and your business, and finally;
  • understanding WHO your target audiences are.

We do this because knowledge of your business and goals is vital to being able to:

  1. design your bespoke content success solution and
  2. deliver a plan which is not only informed and realistic, but also actionable and measurable.

What’s Included In Our Content Marketing Strategy?

Firstly we start with delivering a strategy brief which includes initial assumptions and high-level recommendations around:

  • Your business goals
  • Content goals
  • Content Personas
  • Audience and voice guidelines
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Content promotion and distribution
  • Measurement and KPI’s
The strategy brief helps highlight direction opportunities for your content strategy as well as goals. Once directions and goals are agreed on, we then begin expanding the strategy by detailing tactical steps to achieve each direction and goal. This phase typically looks at questions such as;

  • Current content performance
  • Content gaps and opportunity areas
  • Audience funnels – who are we creating content for and why.
  • Topic funnels – identifying key themes and messages to focus content creation.
  • Content types – identifying the correct content types to reach your audience.
  • Evolution – how your content will evolve over time.
  • Delivery – understanding who will be publishing the content, from where and how frequently.
  • Measure – defining how content will be measured and tracked.
  • Prioritisation – understanding the content hierarchy, so if there are urgent issues, we address those as soon as possible.
  • Calendar – strategies often include a robust 90-day content calendar, which can include not only content, but identified SEO fixes which require a fix before publishing new content commence.

These steps, although detailed, are critical to maximising your content success

The End Goal

Deliver a strategy built for success is our end goal.
It sounds simple, but delivering results is what we are all about.

Our philosophy is deliver well researched, data driven and thoughtful strategies, designed for success.

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