SEO Audit

You wouldn’t build your house without laying a strong foundation. Don’t build your web content on a foundation of shoddy SEO

Is your website optimized for top ranking in the search engines and to bring you maximum leads and sales?

Wondering what aspects of your website may be negatively impacting its performance? Want to make improvements to your site, but not sure where to start? An SEO Blueprint and Audit from First Click Content is the SEO service you need.

Why Do You Need an Onsite SEO Audit?

A technical onsite SEO audit is the best place to start to ensure your website has a strong foundation for building content that drives results.

An audit is the process of examining code and the technical elements of a website which contribute to a search engine’s ability to crawl, index, and rank a website and its pages.

The goal of technical onsite SEO audits vary, but are always aimed at identifying SEO best practices that may have fallen to the wayside.

Our SEO team conducts thorough, comprehensive site audits that leave no stone unturned.

                                               What Do We Offer and How Are We                                                   Different?

We’ll perform an in-depth digital marketing audit of your website, analyzing hundreds of key elements and features that impact the site’s performance and rank in search engine results. Then we’ll provide you with an extensive SEO blueprint detailing our findings, complete with recommendations for what could be improved on the site and action items to guide you every step of the way.

What makes us stand out from the rest are the manually written insights that we provide, coupled with a step by step process on how to fix things, written by one of our SEO experts here at First Click Content. We don’t supply you a computer generated report like so many other agencies out there. As a result, our SEO audit reports take longer to complete.

Even without subscribing to any other service, this alone is highly valuable and will help improve your business’s bottom line.

The End Goal

We want to know why you’re publishing content, what your business objectives are, what will drive results, who you’re targeting, and how we’ll measure your content success. Our content marketing strategies set forth a plan that’s informed, realistic, actionable and measurable.

This means that once the strategy phase is complete, we have an agreed upon, step – by – step content marketing plan that we can implement immediately and start tracking results.

Want to See What Our SEO Audit Discovers?