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Having a presence on social media is important for business today. However having the right presence on the channel which will reach your target audience, is where some businesses fall short. Social Media Marketing at its essence is about promoting your brand whilst trying to have meaningful conversations with your customers, followers and target customer personas.

Having the right social marketing strategy, on the right platform, talking to the right audiences, is key to success and being heard.

Our team comprises of experts across every channel, industry and advertising best practice. With our team at First Click Content, its never been easier to improve your reach, awareness and conversions on social media.

We mix research and data analysis with client discussions to determine which social media channels will connect your business with the customer personas you want to be talking to.

This persona-specific approach goes beyond being in the right place at the right time. It means finding the right words to catch their attention, connecting them to content they will love and engaging them in a way that serves your commercial goals.

What we offer

Our Social Media Marketing Services


An organic social media strategy is designed to help build you a community of true brand advocates, which we will engage with and communicate to directly.


A paid strategy enables us to create customised campaigns tailored to the customer personas we have identified to target. Doing so enables us to connect with them, engage them with your brand and answer their most pressing questions.

Why Businesses Choose Us for Social Media Marketing Services

  • Our team – of specialist social media marketers are here to help.
  • Data-driven social strategy – as search specialists, we take pride in delivering SEO backed strategies
  • Bespoke content solutions – for your social goals
  • Personalised touch – because it is often lacking in these highly digital times

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